Thinking: This KPOP video amused me
Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Because KPOP videos are plastered all over youtube and stalking me wherever I go, I happen to click on one, which links to another and another.

Yes, they are beautiful. But everything is so commercialized I just can't express any interest for it.

With reasons unknown to man, my attention was mostly on the camera techniques/angles and the video processing to make how the video look like how it does. Everything seems to flow together very nicely, I loved the colours used in the video, so I thought through it.

It has a very nice "vintage" pastel colour. I am very sure that the colours were chosen very carefully. So much so that each scene can be changed from one to another without a disconnection. If you look at some other kpop videos, you'll understand what I mean by the smoothness. Some are done perfectly like this, some are just jarring and bizarre cuts.

Of course the thing that really amused me is that I couldn't tell one member from another in this video. They looked like clones of each other, literally. Except for 1 member which I can somehow differentiate.

The others? Same face different hair.

Have we reached the end goal of what we deem as beautiful? It's obvious what kind of look that they are aiming for. It's like someone found the solution of beauty, and that there's only 1 solution. (a little bit like anime in some series)

Anyway, it's true that there are features that we deem beautiful on a person, it just seems like they are trying to craft a goddess out of flesh.

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