Brave the movie
Friday, August 17, 2012

Went to watch this pixar film with S. 

How should I put it. This is not a bad film in anyway, in fact it's pretty good. Just really kiddy. (as it should be) There are no unexpected twists in plots or any deep story/meaning.  Everything is very clear and straight to the point. Which is good of course, just felt relative boring when I'm used to some really screwed up story lines.

Over all, if you love pixar films then this is one that you shouldn't miss. It felt pretty short though, since it's only 100mins. (1hour 40mins)

Today was a rather short day, since it has been only 11hours since I woke. I've hacked another router and my home network got better again but I shan't go into that.

There's this thing that has been bugging me. Which is the usage of the word "hacking". I know that the right way to describe what I do is hacking, but it's really not much of a hack or anything. Because it's really very easy and relatively straight forward. The only thing you need is to have knowledge of whatever that you're trying to do. Sure, hacking doesn't necessarily have to be hard per say, but that word carries more weight/pride than what I really do.

Oh well, that ends this little rant of mine. I guess I'm heading into the phase of realization that I'm just not that geeky of a geek. Still the Lord nonetheless.

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