FFT: Intentions vs Actions
Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Recently there has been some events to trigger this train of thought. When is a person's intention more important than his actions and vice versa?

A person can be extremely annoying to you but he means well, so... does that make it okay for his actions to be fucked up? An easy example will be your relationship and interactions with your parents, in general they annoy the fuck out of you, but you know they mean well and you still love them.

What if we consider some slightly more extreme actions?
If I disconnect your internet because I think you're spending too much time online and you should spend more time studying.

My intentions are good, but the action is not.

This post is relatively short because it's probably something everyone has thought about before, I'm just curious about your answer. Mine is a definitive. Actions trounce intentions. (most of the time) There are definitely some exceptions, but overall, words are just words without action, to act on it makes something real and tangible that has an effect on the physical world.

I'm sure there will be people who thinks that if a person mean well, their actions can be forgiven. I really want to hear why.

My conclusion is, people only use the word intention when the end result is undesirable.

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