FFT: Language is the key to being intelligent
Tuesday, August 21, 2012

I was lazing around, watching videos about Biology, regarding the skeleton system. Of course, Biology being Biology, I was bombarded with crazy medical words like chondrocyte, ossification, hematopoeisis, osteoclast, etc.

Of course, none of those words makes any sense to me at all. 

Not until I try to look at them as a proper english word. (using the example of Osteoclast) Osteo-something was very commonly used in the video, so I googled for the word Osteo. Turns out that it is a prefix with the meaning of bone. Originating from the Greek word "Osteon".

Then I searched for clast. Which actually refers to Clastic rocks, it's a rock that forms from pre-exiting minerals and rock fragments.

So when I combine the two of them, I get the idea that Osteoclasts when used in a Biology context refers to some type of formation from broken mineral bone fragments. Then I searched for the word Osteoclast. It does not have the exact meaning, but it came pretty close.

An osteoclast (from the Greek words for "bone" (Οστό) and "broken" (κλαστός)) is a type of bone cell that removes bone tissue by removing its mineralized matrix and breaking up the organic bone (organic dry weight is 90% collagen).

And just like that, something that made absolutely no sense at all suddenly became clear as daylight

That's when I had a light bulb moment. I think that if you read through an entire dictionary, remember most of the stuffs you've read. Understand how to use those words in a sentence, you would probably understand almost everything that you read. I've had thoughts similar to this for a while now but I just couldn't put them into words and I finally could.

My first realization was when I saw a word in my textbook, Demarcation point. It's refers a point in networks where the responsibility of the network moves from the provider to the user. I found that extremely easy to understand and remember even though it's an alien word. I just searched it up, turns out that Demarcation refers to the act of creating a boundary around a place or thing.

I have seen many documentaries about geniuses, turns out that most of them are really strong in the language department. Maybe there's just something connecting those two dots together.

So guys, language is really important, I believe that's a really important factor to your ability to understand and learn. Of course this theory is flawed as I really have no freaking idea how you're going to apply this to mathematics, but apart from that, it seems pretty true for the most part.

Oh just a random thought.
What language are your thoughts in? If you could read this post then I'm guessing that you're thinking most probably in english.
Now, what language does a new born baby think in?

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