Fiddler on the roof - If I were a rich man
Monday, August 13, 2012

I just finished watching Fiddler on the roof (1971), another musical film.
My favourite song from the musical, If I were a rich man.

"Lord who made the lion and the lamb. You decreed I should be what I am, would it spoil some vast eternal plan, if I were a wealthy man?"

I don't understand why no such films/musicals are made anymore, because I absolutely adore it, I can feel my eyes sparkle when I watch it. This film is 3hours long, I would gladly sit in the cinema/theater for that amount of time for such quality films.

This film is the life of a poor man who lived in 1905, a few decades before world war 2 started. He's a Jew so there is discrimination and all, you get the idea.
World war 2 started on 1939

Even though this isn't really about the holocaust, but of all the documentaries or movies I've watched about the holocaust, none of them actually made me feel as much as this did. Facts can teach me a lot of things, but music can actually make me feel it.

I've only just downloaded it through torrents so it's probably not that hard to get it. But if you really really couldn't find it, drop me a message or anything, I'll find a way to send it over to you. (I got the HD version, 8GB)

Every time I watch a musical film, it just makes me feel that movies nowadays are very shallow. With all the flashy explosions and "exciting" story lines that doesn't have real feelings behind them.

Old films are wonderful, instead of using eye popping visuals to tell the story, they use expressions, songs and dance. It's ironic, as much as I love the arrival of the internet, it really feels like the world was a happier place without it. Culture is evolving at a crazy rate, it's not a bad thing per say but I really wouldn't mind living a few decades earlier. Though there will be much more inconvenience, it's worth it.

I shall continue hunting down great musical films like these. Please tell me if you know of any!

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