4D3N Chalet at Fairy Point
Saturday, September 08, 2012

I am finally back and awake. 

This has been one hell of a chalet and I have a lot of things to write about. Unfortunately, there aren't many pictures to actually complement the story. Mainly because it wasn't convenient to carry a camera around and the photographs won't actually be very interesting.

First day,

Let's just say that the location is in the middle of no where. If you looked at the map we're right at the edge of Singapore. (Changi Village area)

Thankfully, "A" rented a car so it wasn't that bad. We're pretty much surrounded by trees, lots of them, I would like to say forest but... it wasn't really that bad. I'm not superstitious so I'm immune to ghosts and anything related, but if I were to use a word to describe the feeling the chalet gave me, it would be creepy.

And the fact that we got frequent power outages compounded the problem. It was especially bad for the girls, and the weak hearted pussies. The power went out when I was bathing once, but luckily I have the habit of playing music with my phone. So the bathroom wasn't pitch black. I would've been scared shitless if it were pitch black.  I hate the feeling of not knowing my own location and things around me.

While we were waiting for dinner on the first day, my friend decided to Oppa Gangnam style down the pavement.

Of course, an integral part of any experience is food and booze

D is our chef of the day. With fried rice sausages and luncheon meat to boot. Here are some of our alcohol collection. Along with a couple more in the fridge and Bailey's that's somewhere not in the picture.

The main dish of the day is this.

Middle-joint wings. Actually, this is the first day's one. Which unfortunately is only 80% cooked, a huge no-no in my Chicken-loving dictionary. D learned from it and made it exceptionally awesome on the 3rd (BBQ) night.

Sleep is for the weak. We played truth or dare with cards, drinking games, texas poker with exercises as bets. W lost over 200, which meant he had to do over 200 pushups, or situps or any other type before sunrise. Some pussies went to sleep after that, the rest stayed up chatting, drinking and playing Mahjong. I can finally say that I know how to play Mahjong. It was unexpectedly fun. We finally went to bed at around 10am.

The second night will be mostly words,

We opened 4 bottles at Planet Paradise which is a Thai Disco, and then a few of us went down to Zirca Rebel to party, supposedly. Thai Disco can be described with boobs and legs.

Let me start this off with Rebel, it sucks. I don't know if it's specific to Rebel, or I just hate clubs in general. My friend told me that Rebel is for kids and poor people, maybe that's why. Either way, the experience wasn't great at all. I left within an hour or two.

It's a dark room with mind-numbingly loud music, haze and lasers shooting into your eyes, blinding you every few seconds or so. I really don't understand why people are enjoying themselves in a place like this. Maybe I'm with the wrong company, maybe it's the car-sickness that fucked me up. Either way, I'm pretty sure I won't want to go back to such a place again.

But of course, there wasn't any place to return to other than the Thai Disco, allowing my ears to be assaulted by high amplitude sound waves for the next couple of hours.

In retrospect, it was a fun and crazy night. But it was really messed and fucked up too. People were pissed off and some were drunk. 4 got drunk (or on the verge) in fact, one really went nuts and blacked out. It's my first time seeing a textbook definition of a drunkard so I shall write this in more details.

Our chef first took a shot with me right at the start, following with a few more with the rest. We started playing games and he downed maybe 5 more or so? Following which we went to the club to check things out. As I've said earlier, I escaped early and he follow suit roughly an hour later. He then went on a drinking spree, thanks to the ladies bluffing their way through. Not long after, we all could tell that he's going to crash and burn.

The symptoms were so exact I was actually pretty amused. It started with him being disorientated, standing up and looking like a pissed off bull. Doing and saying really nonsensical things. Followed by the toilet phase, which he would've smashed his head on the floor if not for me and another guy. This peeing phase didn't last long before it transformed into the puking phase. Where he puked uncontrollably into the toilet bowl, then onto the floor. And finally, all over himself. Proceeding with that, he practically died on the sofa, with sick coughed and flowing out of his mouth. Dripping all over his shirt.

I would say I was as disgusted as I was amused, since this is the first time I've seen anything like it. So kids, drinking once in a awhile is alright, but know your limits and don't fuck yourself up. Because it's a major pain in the ass for your friends. 

Following the footsteps of the predecessor, one of the ladies got really tipsy and on the verge of losing herself. Then another guy decided to fuck himself up and started puking as well. Why the fuck do I remember everything so clearly? Because I realized that if I wasn't sober. We are all gonna get fucked so badly that night. Besides, I'm always try to be conscious of my own limits, which is why I've never gotten drunk before.

We had to end the night early, about 4am++ because we couldn't continue taking care of any more people. Thanks to some fuckers who left us for clubbing even after knowing about the drunk retard. Yes, I was really annoyed as well. We had to carry him out of the place, along with a few others.

The cab back to the chalet was rather silent as we're all just so damn tired and fucked up. Surprisingly, not all of us slept. A few of us actually stayed up to chat, I stayed for awhile before heading to bed with a splitting headache.

The third day, 
This is the BBQ day. We practically sat around doing nothing throughout the afternoon, playing games and some taking naps. Before we know it, it's already evening and delicious food started churning out by B and D. With one manning the kitchen and the other the BBQ pit.

We simply ate a lot. So there isn't much I could say about it. Apart from this.

I sliced the potato like a boss and D fried them to make potato chips. It was unexpectedly delicious. I was amazed by my own ability to slice a potato so perfectly.

If you're wondering why there aren't any pictures of the BBQ food. That's mainly because I was busy helping out, or sitting down and doing nothing. Basically I just wasn't really in the mood to run around snapping shots.

Sadly, quite a few of them left after the BBQ leaving only about 6 of us. Since it's mainly guys, we laid down the mattresses and started "sparring" and I practiced some self-defenses. It was really really fun. Though I probably over stretched my leg a little when demonstrating some stuffs. We also took a pack of cards and starting throwing at each other. To my surprise, my skills of card throwing hasn't diminished that much since my younger days.
I scored many headshots. *huge grin*

Sadly, all good things must come to an end, morning came and we rushed to pack up and left the godforsaken place.

Even though I'm mentally and physically exhausted, even though we were staying in some creepy deserted place, even though there are many messed up stuffs, I'm not hesitating to say,
"I'm glad it happened."

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Classifying 'poor people' in the club and all the boasting doesn't Really make you look rich thou. It isn't the right way to judge people..

By Anonymous Anonymous, at March 11, 2013 at 8:18 PM  

let me clarify, it wasn't me who said poor people go there. And by poor my friend meant students. Wasn't judging anyone either, I just hated the experience.

By Blogger Lelouch, at March 13, 2013 at 3:03 AM  

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