Daily Photo #118 - Gundams and food
Tuesday, September 04, 2012

There is a Gundam Exhibition at Serangoon NEX going on right now. I regretted a little not bringing my camera out and having to resort to using my phone. But then again I think this is the same one back from when they held it at Compass Point so I don't feel as much regret.

Oh, I finally collected my jeans that I sent for altering. It fits my beautiful legs perfectly. I also bought a jacket that looks like a blazer. I regret buying it just a little bit. But since I don't have anything like it so whatever.

Me, B and D, then played snooker followed by pool. Wasting money on relatively meaningless things.

Dinner was pretty unexpectedly awesome.We ate like pigs. 

4 x Chicken Rice
1 x Roasted Chicken
3 x Chicken Chop
3 x Popiah (wtf is this in english?)

Yeah, all that for only 3 people. As you noticed we didn't order drinks. And the waitress (drink aunty) decides to walk rounds around us until another one came to serve us. We suffered, because none of us are willing to stand up and go get the drinks ourselves.

I'm pleasantly surprised that this was a fun day. Well, my chalet starts tomorrow. I don't think anyone is going to bring a laptop. Which means that I will be away from my lovely blog for 4 days.

Well, in return I hope I can get some fantastic shots. That's it for now, here's The Lord signing off~

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