Daily Photo #122 - Mid-autumn festival
Sunday, September 30, 2012

This actually happened last night. Below my block there was this celebration that went on from late afternoon all the way till 9pm+.

It was really loud and noisy, which gave me an excellent reason to blast my music and sing my lungs out. Well there are other pictures that I'm lining up.

Haven't been writing due to my unexpectedly busy schedule. Skated for 5+hours the other day, shopped for 8+hours today, watched from season 2 to season 3 of FRIENDS, and well I don't know, time seems to be passing fast when I need it, and go in slow motion when I simply do not want it to.

Probably will have something interesting to write since I'm off tomorrow. Oh, and the results for my selected modules are out, I've gotten Network & Systems this year and I'm on the Systems phase right now. I regret a little not taking security because I'm probably going to further my studies in that area after I graduate. Still, I'm sure I would learn some interesting stuffs. I really need to maintain my enthusiasm for school. I always seem to have the motivation to learn only when it's not forced upon me.

Well, that's all that's happening, too damn tired to write anything else, nights my minions.

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