Not sure if I'm stoned, or in a state of Zen.
Saturday, September 15, 2012

Haven't done anything at all for the whole day at all, really. Between last night and today I finished the first two movies of Lord of the Rings.

My choice of music suddenly took an interesting direction, and I've been mostly listening to those while I was surfing the net and stuffs. I'm not sure if I'm sad, stoned or simply at peace with myself (Zen). My favourite song at the moment is this, Ring your song.

Now we've come so far from darkness
And will never be apart
So we leave for tomorrow
To start our lives again

Find me there, my tiny feathers
Of my holy ancient days
You will calm all my sandness
And ring your song
Only for me

Find me there, my tiny feathers
Of my holy ancient days
I will calm all your sandness
And ring my song
Only for you

It's and OST from one of my all-time favourite anime, Tsubasa Chronicles. It was discontinued before season 3, something that I still lament til this date. Most of the music are just... music, either piano or orchestra pieces. One really good one is from Final Fantasy.

Well, that's just kind of my mood at the moment. You should be able to tell from the two pieces of music here. This is one of the times when music expresses my thoughts better than words or pictures. This is probably the most boring post I've intentionally written, but it's a luxury to be boring and enjoy life as it is.

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