Rants: Why I hate travelling (for now)
Monday, September 24, 2012

I've recently been on a one day tour at Batam. While I did enjoy it a little, I would probably pick resting at home or hanging out with friends if I had to make the choice again.

My passport has actually expired for months before I hastily renewed it recently. The best thing about not having a usable passport is that it avoids any random trips. Like visiting my relatives in Malaysia, or some kind of a one day shopping spree that my friends might suddenly spring upon me.

I like to think of myself as a laid back kind of guy. I detest having to rush for time.

Going on a tour usually involves waking up in the morning, rushing from location to location, trying to cover as much ground/attractions as possible. Simply because people think that doing so will extract the best value for their money.

Sure, you'll be experiencing a lot. Fatigue that is. 
The main reason why I don't like to go overseas is because there is a time limit for everything that you do. Just having the time limit of having to return to your country in a week or two, makes everything suck. You probably wouldn't want to waste too much time sleeping in and get out and explore the new place you're at.

Well, not for me.
My ideal kind of a trip, is to rent a random apartment. Live a carefree life, have sufficient sleep, take walks around the parks or go backpacking. Go enjoy the tourist attractions when you feel like it. Sit down at a random cafe and sip some tea or coffee. Without planning or packing my entire schedule to make me feel like I have a fulfilling life. I don't want that.

Dreaming of that kind of experience, it's probably asking a little too much. It'll take a considerable amount of money to have a trip remotely close to that. (unless of course I have relatives/close friends scattered all around the world who are willing to let me crash their couch for a month or so. That sounds like a great idea actually)

All in all, this is why I hate travelling, at least for now. Somethings, to me, are meant to be enjoyed at your own pace and time.
(like food and women good books)

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