Sipping on the joys of doing nothing
Tuesday, September 11, 2012

I have been resting. 

Well, watching animes to be exact. I'm on episode 84 of One Piece. I've also downloaded Hanasaku Iroha (26 episodes). Something that I remembered being quite well reviewed but I just didn't had the time to watch it when it was airing.

"Doing nothing is hard, you never know when you're finished."

I'm actually surprised by how I am not doing anything geeky at all. Other than swapping the positions of my routers. Because of recurring issues with the wireless bridge, I decided to change the link from 2.4GHz to 5GHz. Since only one can support concurrent 2.4/5GHz, it was a little of a hassle to swap the settings but everything works well. Well, it has only been running 2days+ so I wouldn't call it stable yet. Signal strength dropped to around 45-50% with a lot of noise as a result, but at the moment it's maintaining a respectable 60mbps link, mainly because I force the connection to use the full 40MHz instead of 20MHz channel.

All the geekiness aside, this is more of a rant as I have posts queued for later today and tomorrow. Yeah, because I finally have the time to write whatever the hell I want in this little place on the internet!

I think... or I'm starting to think that I haven't been talking to a lot of people lately; with my mouth that is. Or maybe it's because of the non-stop chatter from the chalet couple days ago, causing my mouth to feel like it has been missing it's workout routine. Or maybe it's because I've been singing and shouting at people like a madman during that period of time.

Well either way everyone seem so busy, and people who are free and willing to hang out seem to all stay so freaking far away. Of course, you might argue that since I have the time, I could just go running around this little island hunting for people, but you see...
I like the feeling of hanging out somewhere nearby, with some beverage, be it coffee or tea, soda or booze. Or maybe skating or cycling around aimlessly looking for food to munch on, or just hanging out in someone's house playing video games. I miss having those lazy activities. Why do people have to stay so bloody far away?! 

Then again, starting from Wednesday I'm going to fully engage with my FYP. So I probably wouldn't feel lazy. Rather, I shouldn't. Way behind schedule.

Well whatever, sometimes I feel very lost typing away in here. What am I doing this for, why am I writing so often, who do I want reading this, what's the point if I never read back?
Pointless questions and meaningless answers. Sometimes I just have to accept things as it is. Round reasoning some call it, "I write, because I want to write.."

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