10 hours non-stop LAN gaming, holy****
Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Yesterday, me, D and BK went to play LAN for 10hours. From 9pm to 7am, only because they didn't have the 12hour package. Of course, to play for another 2 hours would've killed us there and there.

Before the craziness began, we had a scrumptious meal with G, some sort of chicken broth? I don't know the name in either chinese or english. I do remember that it's from one of the shops around Kovan though.

We ordered the one that is supposedly only a tad spicy, but holyshitballs it was spicy. I was sweating all over like a dog in heat. I'm really not fond of spicy things. Which was unfortunate, the soup is incredibly delicious. It's probably one of the best I've tasted. Though I'm not really sure if it's counted as soup or sauce. If it's soup, the taste is too overwhelming, and if it's sauce, then the chicken must have had a great time swimming in it.

Oh yes it is chicken, my favourite.

We then proceeded to get a cash card, it's split among the 3 of us and it's well worth it.
What was the game of choice?

It's a first person shooter game, imagine playing for hours at a go. Oh, but we did stop to play GunBound for an hour in the middle. It's hilarious as hell as we pretty much forgot how to play it, and shooting your teammates and yourself is a good cause of laughter.

Naturally, there isn't any pictures for the fun that ensued, we were playing computer games in a dark noisy room, what do you expect? But god were we good?! We were surprisingly kicking the ass of many top players in the games, consistently occupying the top few spots in the games that we played. Sadly, we are only good at killing people, not exactly the most important criteria in joining competitions. Else I'm sure we would've done a pretty good job at it!

I guess everything we've done could be summarized in that two paragraphs. Which sounds really lame in retrospect, I swear this sounded a lot cooler in my head.

We then had breakfast (nasi lemak ftw) and crashed B's house. Slept for an hour or so, were supposed to go eat Kiseki (a japanese buffet, wrote about it months ago). But I backed out, which makes me feel really bad but I have policy in life.

"I am not going to waste my time and money 
to do something I'm not going to enjoy."

At that point of time, fatigue had a firm grasp on my spontaneous self, I am definitely not going to do anything stupid. Eat a buffet after over 24hours of non-sleep is pretty stupid. They even wanted to go Sentosa after that, which I strongly declined. Well, they are crazy. (about a girl of course) And I was all like "Leave me out of this madness!"

Overall, this was a really fun experience. We should really do this another time with more people, and a lot more food on our hands. Oh I also got my hands on a 2nd hand Thinkpad x61s laptop. More on that in another post!

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