Daily Photo #126 - Pizza Hut
Friday, October 12, 2012

Smoked chicken

Went to eat Pizza Hut with my classmates the other day. There was this new Hawaiian Special, can't remember the name, but it was delicious. Sadly we dug in like wolves the moment the food was served, which really makes for a lousy picture, so please forgive the lacking image.

The soup looks harmless, but it was bursting with pepper. I can't believe how peppery it tasted. It did not make for a bad soup though, it was just really unexpected.

Of course, chicken drumlets. There can never be anything wrong with them.
Oh, we went to East Coast Park that day, where they cycled and I skated. Honestly there isn't much to write about it, and the pictures from there are getting boring. Just search for ECP or east coast park on my blog and you'll see many posts related to it.

It's the last week of holidays and we're rushing to do as many things as we can before it ends. So my mind's kinda tired and can't really piece the timeline properly. I know there's bowling, basketball, and food and stuffs. I'm going to Sentosa today, so there'll probably be some interesting pictures. Look forward to it!

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