FFT: I don't like the art of sales
Tuesday, October 30, 2012

I was watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S, Joey or Ross was trying to convince someone else to do something. He tried every method he could to make the other person accept his ways of thinking. I also watched some Youtube reviews about certain products where the salesman is trying to sell the product more than giving a proper review.

I also met this guy at NTU the other day, talked to him a little, and heard him talk a lot to my friends. He's a good salesman, self-proclaimed and I agree with him. He is really good at talking people into things. Doesn't really work for me (cause I'm weird) but I do see where he's coming from.

Here's the thing: I hate sales, or the art of sales to be exact. I'm not particularly a fan of persuading people as well. 

A salesman's goal is to earn your money, whether he admits it or not. It's his job for goodness sake. Which is why he needs to work efficiently and not waste his time on someone who isn't going to buy his products. So there are only 2 categories, you're either a buyer, or you're not. Which makes a lot of sense when you start to looking at it in detail.

I really don't like that. 
You're either A, or you're not A. There are no options for anything else.
It's like, you're either an Egg, or a Chicken. What if I'm an embryo with a weird DNA mutation that is growing up to be a Tyrannosaurus?

Which is why I would hate to get into an argument with any good salesman. There are only two possible outcomes for him, you either agree with what he say, or you don't agree with what he says. It doesn't matter to him either way, and it's frustrating dealing with someone like that. Reason being, he is just trying to sell you an idea, it doesn't matter whether you buy it or not, he is not going to change his idea.

Bringing me to my next point. I don't really like to persuade people. I usually give up much quicker than a normal person would. Why bother trying to change the mind of someone who isn't willing to listen to you? This has a lot to do with the times I stop talking in an argument. It's kind of anti-social and self-centered, but I try not to waste my energy on things I know I cannot change.

This brings me to my final concluding point. I think I would hate talking to myself, or trying to talk myself out of something. I am stubborn as fuck. It's relatively pointless trying to convince me about an issue.

However, I love to be proven wrong. It is a lot more interesting than someone trying to change my perspective. For example, if you are going to convince me that pigs are cooler than ducks, tell me why my reasons for thinking ducks are cool are wrong, don't tell me pigs are cooler because they make good pork chops. (though that might actually work)

At the end of the day, I bend logic and theories to my whimsical will. So I only fight battles I know I can win.

Which is why you should never argue with a salesman. You will never win. You might win the argument itself, but the salesman will never think that he is wrong. If you ask me, the sure win way to "win" an argument is to be as stubborn as my genitals you can, and have a really loud voice. With these 2 qualities, your opponent will be too annoyed to argue.

Okay I shall add a couple of lines to clear out some muddy points.
1. To me, winning an argument, is for the person to realize and admit he/she is wrong.
2. To me, not winning an argument, is when the person concedes, only because he couldn't think of a better point on the spot. (not winning is different from losing, what is losing? The opposite of the first point obviously you dimwit.)
3. Convincing is different from persuading. Convincing is making the person say, "okay, I understand why your method is better, let's do it your way." Persuading is making the person say, "fine, I'll do it"

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