FFT: Kill or be killed?
Sunday, October 21, 2012

I have been watching some relatively sadistic animes recently. The one that stood out and made me think about this is Btooom!

A group of random selected people are thrown on a deserted island with no where to escape. The only way out is to kill 7 other people and take their symbolic item in order to escape. The item can only be taken after the person is dead, and they are given bombs to kill them.

So I was thinking, if I was stuck in such a situation, would I kill? If not, when someone is chasing after me with the intent of taking my life away, will I kill them then? Since it is impossible to run forever, would I simply subject to fate and just be killed?

Everything's pointless once you're dead, but it's plain wrong to kill someone no matter what.
It's the survivor of the fittest, but is it better to live short and happy, or long but miserable?
Is it justifiable if it's self-defense?

After thinking about it for awhile, I managed to simplify it, for myself at least. Fundamentally, it's a battle between your instinct and morals. My instinct tells me that self-preservation is a priority, to try whatever it takes to stay alive. My morals (higher thinking) tells me that I will be no different from an animal if I were to kill. Underneath all the facade we are all animals, but we developed a higher level of thinking.

So the choice is rather straight-forward. Be an animal, or a human.

My choice? Animal, most probably.
When it ever comes down to such a situation, I really don't know. At least for the moment I think it's probably the choice that I will take. Because of 2 things, I don't like being dead, and nothing matters anymore after I'm dead. So I might as well try to live.

Still, this is a finicky subject and I just happened to think about it. All thanks to the amount of violence I have been watching on my screen. Oh well, this is all too depressing. I should write about something random.

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