Rant: Life is normal
Monday, October 08, 2012

The lack of post for the past 5 days can be attributed to 2 things.

There is nothing happening that is interesting to write about.
It won't be really interesting to read about.

It's not like I haven't had fun or anything. There has been outings, LAN parties, skating, basketball, frisbee, shopping and some really intense home networking problems. Though I'm surprisingly not busy, simply occupied with things here and there. And there really isn't much I could write about those things, unless I had to go out of my way and write it like a storybook you know?


We were gathered around as usual on Wednesdays in school for our skates training, and as usual, we were lethargic and not keen to brush up our skills. Thankfully, our savior, the president brought out a scared object, a boredom killer I would call it. It's a friggin basketball.

Slowly but surely, more and more people gathered as we started shooting that little orange ball into the hoop. Soon, a match of 3 vs 3 was born. It was a fierce fight with each player showing off their prowess with quick, swift movements that made my eyes spin. We battled for what seemed like hours, unfortunately, we lost. Defeated as we may be, it was a good match and both parties were satisfied, the hallmark of good sportsmanship.

Well sure, I could write like this all day. It may actually be rather amusing to read, but you know, it's absolutely pointless.

But then again, maybe I should do something like this from time to time. The thing about stories and novels is that they can describe the simplest things to be the most wonderful and heart-warming. I'm pretty sure we live through wonderful things from day to day, we just either don't see it, or just take it for granted.

Maybe I should write something very nice about my mum's cooking. I may not have the best relationship with her, but well, I can't deny how grateful I am for the things that she does. I shall put this in my to-do list. (oh, sadly she probably will never read this)

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