Rant: School is making me tired as hell
Friday, October 19, 2012

This is my new favourite song! It also has very cute and catchy lyrics, though it's quite impossible to sing it due to the "autotuny" nature of it. There is also a chinese version of it.
There hasn't been a post for 5 days, for good reason too. School has taken it's toll on me, my body is still in the midst of adjusting to the time table. Thankfully I have no 8am classes, which makes life a little easier. But having almost everyday ending at 4pm is definitely no joke.

Since my mind is pretty occupied right now, this is just another rant about whatever that I can think of at the top of my head. First off, we had another 10hour LAN party! It was on this Wednesday, since my class doesn't have lesson that day. We also dragged another friend who only had one lecture down to play with us. Skipping his lecture effectively. Of course, I do feel a little bad but it's well worth it!

There was supposed to be 6 of us, but 1 decided to be a bitch and didn't turn up at the last moment. Still, it was a hell lot of fun for the 5 of us. More so than the last one.

There's a public holiday next Friday. And there has been talks to make another 10 hour marathon! Of course, it's getting a little repetitive with all the computer gaming. So we decided to open up to new ideas. Firstly, 10 hours exercise, followed by 10 hours studying or 10 hours of some other forms of recreational activity. Whatever it is, I am adamant that it has to be 10 hours. IT SHALL BE A NEW TRADITION.

"Though, the idea of swimming for 10 hours kinda scare me."

Oh, the other thing that has been making me really busy, shows and animes. Most of the sitcoms started to air again. (Big Bang, How I Met Your Mother, etc) And all previous season's anime has ended, which signals the start of a new season! Which is really taking up a whole lot of my time. I think I mentioned last time that I liked the previous season's list of anime, but I really love this season's too! There is a lot of romance/shoujo along with action and comedy. I'm waiting for episode 3 or 4 to air before publishing a list of the ones that I like the most.

Another random amusing thing that happened last night was right before I was about to sleep. You know how you would feel very comfortable before you sleep? I was feeling that, multiplied by 10. I was feeling so damn comfortable that I couldn't sleep. I stayed awake for another 30mins ~ 1hour just to enjoy that feeling. I was probably on the verge of falling asleep but not being able to. It felt incredibly good, surprisingly. It's probably weird as hell when I read this in the future, but I have to trust myself, I've never felt so comfortable that I was unable to sleep.

Oh, and I'm going to help my friend make/design her blogshop. The reward? A date with a girl they claimed to be really pretty. Well, don't I look forward to that! Hopefully it'll turn out well and I will flaunt it on this little page. (the web design I mean)

It's finally the weekends tomorrow, will finally have the time to organize my thoughts and hopefully write something less random. Till then!

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