Sweltering heat in Sentosa
Sunday, October 14, 2012

Why would you style your hair when you're going to play in the sun?

For some reason I really liked this shot

I went to Sentosa with my classmates the other day. Since we're not going to USS or some other stuffs there, I don't understand the appeal of the crazily hot beach. It looked like it was going to rain at first, with ominous clouds loitering the skies, but the sea breeze blew them right off!

Of course, there also isn't an abundance of female to guy ratio, which made me even less motivated. But surprisingly it was a rather interesting day out. There was volley ball, frisbee, captain's ball and a lot of running around. Running towards places with shades that is.

Epic volley ball spike! 

Half way through, a bunch of SP guys asked if we wanted to play captain's ball with them. Of course, it's only because they didn't have a ball and we actually have girls with us. *inserts maniac laughter* But of course, the 6 of us shred their asses to pieces. It's rather shocking how good we are actually, or maybe they felt shy and held back or something.

Well, I didn't actually take a lot of pictures because I'm more interested in playing around in the sun that day. I probably became darker, though the effect is not as pronounced as I thought it would be.

However, I did manage to take quite a few shots that I liked.

I've applied a lot of filters in this batch of pictures. Mainly cause I downloaded some new ones and wanted to test them out. They turned out pretty okay!

I suddenly realized that I don't write a lot about the food I eat. Unlike my other friend Y, who almost exclusively write about food. I realized that because I wanted to write something about dinner, but I totally don't have any pictures of the food at all.

So after dinner, we actually thought of going over to B's house and play Mahjong overnight. But we were so shagged, the only choice was to get some rest at home. The story did not end there though, we decided to meet up at 8am the next day to play. Everything proceeded as planned the next day, but we got bored after playing for about 5 hours. The obvious thing to do next? Basketball! We played only for a little while though. Maybe an hour? Before heading to have lunch.

I'll say that this has been a rather excellent way to end my holidays. To end off this post, I'll put up a picture of my friend. He said and I quote, "If you put my handsome face up your blog, you'll get a thousand views immediately."

We will find out soon enough, won't we? ^^

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