#Daily Photo 127 - 2 KFC Family Feast
Saturday, November 03, 2012



Went over to my friend's house at Boon Lay, which is literally at the other end of Singapore. Hung out, played games and shit. It was amusing as his mum is OCD about cleanliness, and everything in the house looks as good as new.

The fun and games aside, 6 of us myself included, ordered 2 KFC Family Feast for dinner. 1 Feast consists of 8 Piece Chicken, 2 Medium Mash Potato, 1 Coleslaw, 1 Prawn Box thingy, 1 Medium Popcorn Chicken and 4 Drinks.

I was so incredibly tired I could barely finish eating my portion. Of course, with an uneven amount of chicken to distribute, the last 2 piece was quite a problem. The problem is with who's the one getting it, and getting it is a bad thing as we were already rather full. #firstworldproblems Having too much food and not sure who is going to eat it. Whenever I think of the #firstworldproblems, it makes me feel blessed to even have a "problem" like this.

I then decided to take from Boon Lay all the way to Pasir Ris, instead of a shorter alternate route. Why? Just because. I'm going to write about it in a later post.

I am tired as hell, bye.

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