Daily Photo #128 - Disassembling Acer laptops
Saturday, November 03, 2012

He seems to be having fun

Sadly, there are only two pictures, or maybe it's fortunately. Because Acer laptops are a major pain to open up. It's almost impossible to put it back together. In fact I think that it would be impossible for a normal geek unless you have the right tools to stick all the connectors together again. And I can't believe I totally forgot to take a show with all the parts disassembled. Oh well, there'll be a next time.

Oh, the story. My friend's laptop went kaput on him. He wanted to try opening it up, so I was there to  help if there are places where he can't open. It was a major waste of time, but oh well other friends came over and hung out too.

Of course, at the end of this, we threw the board away. Not because it is useless, but because the effort I'm going to spend figuring out how to get it back working, is not worth it. I rather spent some money and get a new board with everything labelled with manual, yes, always RTFM.

Till then, I need to use my energy on something more productive.

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