FFT: How would kids now perceive the past?
Tuesday, November 27, 2012

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I'm relatively old, at least old enough to go through the advancement of computer technology. Old enough to have witness MS-DOS in action, enough to know what a vinyl record is, what a cassette tape is. (and using them of course)

Now, the interesting thing is that you have apps like Instagram and similar apps which mimics analog cameras. Using all the vintage effects, because that's how images looked like last time. The decomposition of the film causes old pictures to look like that.

But what about kids born in the digital age? With all the crystal clear images that we can get simply using our phones. To think that a handphone is something that didn't really exist in my early days. So, how would they recall the past? My recollection of TVs are of the bulky CRTs, fuzzy images, and a lot of yellow tint for whatever reason. Most of the electronics also turn yellow due to the way it's manufactured in the past. (google if you're interested why)

I'm feeling a little lazy so I'll cut the descriptions short. Do you think that kids these days will look back in their childhood in like "HD vision"? What about future down when we have perfected 3D technology and holograms and shit. Would their vintage pictures become HD in 2D?

I find this very amusing. If you have any family videos when you were younger, you'll remember how shitty the quality is, with all the shaking and whatnot. But look at the videos normal people create today, the quality is orders of magnitude better than movies i n the 80s. This shift in perspective is happening so fast that we can actually see it in action.

And I find this terribly amusing. 

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