FFT: More than one reason to do something
Thursday, November 01, 2012

Happened to think of this while I was washing up. Really have no idea why such an idea popped into my head.

I realized that we usually try to justify our actions with only one big reason. And when we try to justify an action with more than one reason, it just appears to be excuses instead. Let me show you an example of something simple.

Man A: Hey, why are you looking at pretty girls on Facebook?
Man B: I'm just bored.
Man B: Because she's pretty, duh?

Those would've been perfectly acceptable answers. However, if he answered like this,

Man B: I'm bored, and she's really pretty, happens to be my friend's friend too!

The first reaction that Man A will have will most probably be, "Dude you're just a pervert aren't you?" Of course, I'm using a male's train of thought for this scenario, but I'm pretty sure it applies to females too, in other situations. Like dieting or other things that don't interest me.

What I find is that usually, there are more than one reason for my actions. For example, if someone asks me out and I choose not to, the big reason is because I don't feel like going. Why do I not feel like going? Because it's too far, it's out of the way, there's nothing much to do there, and I'm tired. But saying all of that makes you sound like an obnoxious prick, so it becomes, "I don't feel like going."

Just seems like over time, we become familiar with using one big reason to justify our actions.

I'm sorry if this is all a little vague, but it's a little hard for me to put it into words precisely. The best example I can come up with at the moment is this.

Let's say someone asked me, "What prompted you to write this post?"
"Well, cause I had this cool idea and just wanted to share with others."
That would be my main reason, but my other reasons for doing this is because I am bored, I don't feel like sleeping yet, and I haven't written anything so it's a great opportunity for me to write something. And also because I'm whimsical. (but I wouldn't think of these unless I tried to)

The thing I want you to take away from this, is that you don't have to force yourself to have a grand reason for doing anything.(or you could have no reason at all) If you did something bad, there could be many reasons why you did it, not because you're evil or anything. Also, I want to try to remove stereotyping of people who give many reasons are the type of people who are making excuses or trying to covering up for something. (though it's true more often than not.)

I hope you understood what I'm trying to convey. As common sense as this might be, it's easy to forget.

"There can be more than one reason to do something."

I found a random post online that sums up my post pretty well. Though it's a little different.

"Sometimes, we just do things. Then, we make up the reasons afterwards. Or rather, there are lots and lots of reasons we do things, but we like to pick the “real” one when we retrospect. Then, when we retrospect later, our memories change, and we may assign different reasons."

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OMG THIS IS THE ONE POST THAT I TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU!!! Always facing such a problem then I try to converge my many diverse reasons to just one big (and probably sounds lame ) reason. But well, as long as we know that we are not evil, we shall continue to do and say what we think is right!

By Blogger SHANNEN, at November 1, 2012 at 1:51 AM  

Hahaha I know right, we are not evil~

By Blogger Lelouch, at November 1, 2012 at 10:46 AM  

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