Flippin tired.
Thursday, November 29, 2012

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I am just oh-so-ridiculously tired. It might have something to do with the stupid games I've been playing, or maybe the shortening sleep hours, or the stress from all the tests and upcoming exams.

So.. my old man agreed to get a desktop for me after exams. I've finish sourcing out all the parts today and made a really powerful system sans the graphic card, for $858. Now, will he agree to this price? We'll see about that. As far as powerful computers go, it's the absolute cheapest I can make without sacrificing too much. The moment he gives the green light, you can guarantee that I'm going to go ape-shit about it next weekend.

Still, life has taught me never to be too excited about something that hasn't happened yet. The most unexpected twist in events can often leave you fucked inside out. I am having this little contest with my friend for who has the higher blog views in this month, and it ends tomorrow. Well, someone else said to her that she's a failure if she lost to me. Because "his blog is boring". Though I can't disagree with that, because it's probably boring as fuck to people who don't give a flying shit about me, but it still pricked me.

Well. I suppose I haven't been boring enough. In the sense that, I tend not to write about the geeky things I do. Not that I don't want to write it down or share with others, but sometimes... it's hassle to write something like that down. Technicality is, and always will be, a pain in the ass.

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