Life is kinda depressing
Wednesday, November 14, 2012

I happened to see this new kpop MV by Ailee, and she is really hot.

But it reminded me of how depressing life really is. Strong people are strong because something fucked them up in the past. You try harder because you fell down in the past, you grow stoic as you get accustomed to the pain, you push your feelings down the gutter because it's harder to embrace them.

Everyone started from a blank slate as a child, filled to the brim with naiveness and dreamt of the impossible. Yet everything around us just keeps pulling us deeper and deeper into this shit hole where everyone becomes selfish and horrible.

"Sometimes, the saddest person is the one who laughs the most."

I've seen many variations of that quote all over social/media platforms. I would pause for a second and think (again and again), "well, that's true". But I would take another second and think, "doesn't that apply to everyone?" Life is pretty depressing if you strip it down to it's bare bones.

I'm not sad or anything, it just really sucks having to rediscover this idea while watching an MV with a really, really pretty singer.

I could continue ranting on for another thousand words about how we try to prove a point to someone, but end up turning into someone we said we'll never become. I feel all dark and negative thinking about this, but it's precisely because I'm pessimistic that I could see the brighter side of life should it present itself. Like how my friend baked some butter cookies for me the other day, it absolutely made my day.

Oh well, life sucks, enjoy it while you can. 

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