Movie: Pitch Perfect
Thursday, November 22, 2012

What the hell, I wonder when was the last time I watched a movie. Couple months ago? Or maybe I did and forgotten about it, and forgot to write about it as well. Anyway, finally caught this movie today at The Cathay.

To sum the movie up in 3 words,
It's freaking hilarious.

The story line is so-so, the songs are pretty good, they had a really hot co-star. But Fat Amy is the bomb. She's funny, in so many ways. I find myself laughing even at her slightest expressions. And as you expect, she's really fat and rather obnoxious. Though it's really charming in it's own way. However, I wouldn't want to face someone like this in real life.

So about the hot co-star. Stacie. Her real name is Alexis Knapp, and she's on fire!

Here are some links if you've watched the show and wanted to see a couple of interviews.

But though she's hot an all, she doesn't really have much of a screen presence, other than occasionally distracting me with her boobies and all that. I have to at least put a picture of Fat Amy because she's just amazing at being funny.

Well anyway, go catch it if you haven't yet. I can pretty much guarantee that you will laugh your ass inside out. Sigh, I wish I could sing as well as they could too. It'll make life a little more interesting than what it is now.

The plan was to go for Korean BBQ after the movie. But we didn't because I am oh-so-broke and it'll be a dick move to our lovely halal friend. At dinner, I got really bored for whatever reason and tore up the receipt into many little pieces and told my friend "Here, I made a jig-saw puzzle you." Surprisingly, he started piecing them up together.

He actually succeeded lol

I folded that.
Well, we got rather bored because we were stuck between a rock and a crazy place, which can only be accurately described with this phrase.

"Too little time to do something, too much time to do nothing."

Well, it was a rather fun day and I finally wore the clothes I bought the other day out. Was needlessly dressed up though, but since it was in the town area, I thought it wouldn't hurt to gather some attention from some females. Until I get over my paranoia, there probably won't have any pictures of my suaveness up here, unfortunately.

That's about enough of drowning in my own ego, school starts late tomorrow, I should treasure this tear jerking-ly beautiful long sleep that I will get.

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