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Friday, November 30, 2012

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I've always dreamed in my head of making a computer system like this, but I have never written it down in words. Of course, my dreams now are only limited by the current available technologies. The whole point of writing this down is for me to look back in a few years and laugh at how naive I was to want these things, and hopefully, moved on to much grander plans.

I want to build a server cluster. Something powerful enough to host files, website and is robust enough to not get DDoS-ed down by random people. Of course, it's just for my own consumption, so that I could stream my files to anywhere in the world quickly. It's a closed-loop system.

Because it has all the excess power, it can create and run clean virtual machines on command. I will be able to loan all that processing power to any family/friends who needs it. Just by connecting to the network and remote desktop into the VM system. That way, it doesn't matter how powerful your own computer is, you can access all the power you need without wasting all the extra power. You need photoshop? Poof. There it is. You need Premier Pro? There it is. You need to render some 3D graphics? Here, have some more power.

I don't need enterprise level hardware, but I could possibly create a relatively high level network with consumer grade networking hardware. I've always wanted to try mesh networking, but it is pointless for a home usage. But there will definitely be redundant paths and connected to at least 2 ISPs. With link aggregation, load balancing and all that fun stuff.

Of course, my own VPN. Enough to support at least 20 people, as high of encryption as my hardware allow without making it lag for the end user. Of course, gigabit internet is a given.

With all that crazy shit, what will I be able to do?

  1. Rent computing power to people who need it
  2. Private game server
  3. Stream media over the internet
  4. Secure internet access from wherever I am at
  5. Share files with friends very quickly
  6. Virtual LAN with friends

Well, it's nothing new. I've been thinking about this ever since I knew the existence of cloud computing. And my current studies is only helping to propel my obsession over this unification of computing further.

I'm uber excited about the desktop in like 8 days. Let's see how much of my fantasy I'll be able to accomplish.

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