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Saturday, November 24, 2012

tumblr has such awesome gifs

Hi, I just spent like 2 hours designing and about 5 hours coding from the ground up. It's surprising how long it takes to code such a simple website, it's not as simple as I thought to make everything flow properly.

There's 3 reason why I suddenly decided to change it.

  1. I am bored of the previous design.
  2. The previous one is really slow and feels bulky.
  3. Because I can.

Thanks to the simplicity of the code, the blog is really flying! Gone are all the lags. It might not look as sophisticated, but I guess I prefer it this way. There are still a few things I have to work on but it's mostly functional so I just posted it anyway. The search is still being funky and I really need to figure something out for it. There's also a footer at the bottom for all the links and stuffs, which I obviously haven't added yet.

There's only about 350+ lines of code but it can scale from 25% to  250% zoom level.

staring at this for hours gets tiring

Due to my FYP, I'm starting to have a little more interest towards web design again. It has been quite a long while since I was remotely interested in HTML.

Oh, and I finally made this completely image free. so all the colours and logos and whatever crap is all drawn using code. Of course, this is all the basic shit without relying on HTML 5's canvas functions. That'll be too much of a pain to learn.

Oh well, for better or worse, I hope you'll like this change.

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