Thoughts on Dota 2
Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Apparently, I started playing this game called Dota 2. Which is the modern reincarnation of the popular custom Dota game in Warcraft 3. However, as it's made by Steam, the Steam engine changes the physics of the game tremendously. (and it feels weird)

For all my friends who know me, I hate Dota. It's a stupid game. Partly because I suck at it, and mostly because it's an extremely waste of time. A short game on average is 20 minutes. A normal game on average is 45 minutes, and a long game can drag for way longer than 1 hour. Sure there are other games that could suck up hours upon hours of my time playing it. But the game resets every time, your levels and money in game doesn't translate anywhere else. It's like a really shitty RPG game.

Of course, it's not all negative for such a popular game among my friends. As I've finally started to learn it properly this time round, it has started to become rather interesting for me. In the sense that I find the gameplay rather interesting but nothing much more than that.

Thing is, I don't feel the fizz playing it. Excitement or sense of achievement, it's virtually non-existent. Easy matches are boring, hard matches are just plain insulting, it's very rare to find a match where our abilities and skills are closely matched. On average we win and lose 50% of the time. Which is vexing for me, it's like we're neither here nor there.

On a whole, I'm not a fan of micro-intensive games. Which is why I love RTS games with all the macro shenanigans, where you pit armies against armies, instead of controlling a measly unit. I enjoy losing in RTS more than winning in games like Dota. It just doesn't appeal to me.

That said, it's not like I play it with a dead mind the entire time, there have been moments or games in Dota 2 that awakened the gamer instinct in me. There just isn't too many of them. I say this only after pouring in about 40 hours of gameplay in the span of 2 weeks. So I don't think I will ever love Dota as much as my friends do, but I probably wouldn't mind playing it just for the fun of it. Or for socializing purposes.

If you feel like owning a noob at a game he's not interested in, you can always contact me. We could have an inhouse game or something.

Till then I really need a computer capable of playing games without lagging. What's the point of having a powerful internet if your computer doesn't make use of it?

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