Thursday, December 13, 2012

pizza hut~ 

Went all the way to ECP with S & Y; for the sake of singing. We wanted to try shooting a cover but failed rather miserably. Or rather, I have no idea how it turned out because my camera's volume is too soft and I am too damn tired to go through the videos now.

S playing the ukelele!

Didn't take many pictures as it was raining pretty much the entire day and there isn't much that I could do about it. I'm just trying to ramble out my thoughts before I forget them.

We really tried to take a proper song cover but it was hilarious as hell trying to do it in public. Needless to say I am not really confident in my skills and it was both amusing and embarrassing at the same time. I am rather impressed by how well she played the ukelele, I had absolutely no idea when the hell she picked that skill up. But kudos to finding the correct chords as we sing randomly along.

It was a really really funny day out. Practically laughed for 8 hours. 12/12/12 is a rather special day after all (:

I'm too tired, my bed beckons me.

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