2012 in review
Monday, December 31, 2012

Today is the last day of 2012.

Very strangely, it fills me with sadness and a weird sense of unwillingness. What changed? I remember when I was a very young chap, each new year brings me a great sense of hope and adventure.

Am I getting old? I'm supposedly in my primes and yet I feel rusted. Maybe because I haven't accomplished anything of significance this year. I probably won't look back and go, "2012 is the year where I did this!"

Of course, there probably aren't many years in your life that you will vividly remember, though mine is short in itself. To make things better, I will write things that I have accomplished that made me proud of myself in 2012. So when I read back next time, I will feel like I have led a fulfilling life.

1. I wrote a post that got me more than a thousand views. In fact, on the day of writing, I hit 1,764, 2nd day 2,597, 3rd day 1,506, 4th day 1,257. Where it finally drops and slowly flattens out to my normal traffic again. Getting views of well over 7k views in the span of 4 days is definitely a perk for me.

2. Spared the time to watch multiple musicals. Shame it's not in a theater. But I finally got around to watching:
My Fair Lady
Mary Poppins
Fiddler on the Roof
West Side Story

3. I coded this blog design from the ground up! Using notepad. No images used, all done using pure text/code.

4. Not so much of an personal achievement, but important nonetheless. I finally switched to a fiber optic connection. Slow and laggy internet does not exist in my dictionary anymore. (Unless I'm using it to describe others')

5. I've written 295 posts this year. That's 81% of the year. I am rather proud of it.

6. I have posted 85 daily photos this year. Which you can check out from the navigation bar above.

7. I built my own desktop. With the fastest CPU available for the socket. And it is fast.

8. Written many FFT posts. Sometimes I get a rather good response from my friends, and it's nice to know that people take the time to read my "thoughts".

9. Bought a 2nd hand Thinkpad X61S. Had been using it for school and it work wonders.

10. Changed my mouse twice. First was the Microsoft Wireless Mouse 5000. Which served me well until I started playing more games, and switched to the Armaggeddon Alien-II G7. Which increased my performance significantly and I was killing people left and right. In games of course.

11. Flashed all my routers with a custom firmware (OpenWRT), made a wonderful home networking system.

12. Breaking 40,000 views in total. Which.. isn't really that big of a deal but ... it's good to know.

I didn't do too well nor badly in school. But I kind of have no recollection of my scores so I can't write anything about it. It's generally in the B to B+ range.

Of course, the list of technical achievements will go on and on. Getting a NAS, which is the first thing that costs me more than $500. Setting up remote services on all my devices. Pooling over 100GB of online storage from different services. Fixed my screwed up network many, many times. Fixed a friend's network. Trying to learn Linux properly, just installed Mac OS X to learn as well. Upgraded to a genuine copy of windows 8. Reducing internal routing delay to 1ms most of the times. Finally played Dota seriously for the first time.

Most of all, reading. I must have read thousands of articles over the span of this year. Hundreds upon hundreds of educational videos. I should probably start taking down the links of all the technical articles I read. I'm sure it would be rather impressive. I don't know how I found it in me, but I actually had the patience to read through manuals and documentations. Oh, the amount of text...

For the more general/little things. I did meet up with my old friends here and there. Watched some great movies, ate some great food. Had many days where I just chilled out with friends. Received cookies! Drank on quite a few occasions, stayed up all night as well. Had 10-hour LAN parties twice, or was it thrice?

There are still a ton of little things that happen in school that I can't seem to retrieve from my memories. Nonetheless, this year has been a good run. It kind of marks the end of a chapter in my life, as I will be done with school in 2 months.

I'm not particularly excited to open up the next chapter, but I'm not resisting the inevitable change either.

Well, this year I'm going to celebrate the passing of the year with my close friends at the Pasir Ris beach. Reason being that I hate crowds, and NYE's crowd is ridiculous. After experiencing it for a few years, I decided that enough is enough. Which explains my choice of doing it at ECP last year.

Not really feeling it this year though. Combined with the rainy weather, I have half a mind to just stay home and sleep. But no, new year doesn't feel like new year unless you countdown!

Even though there has been many ups and downs. Even though things have been broken. Even though I haven't been doing the best in my studies. Even though life hasn't been always smooth sailing.
I'm happy enough this year has been what it is.

Stay awesome people,
Happy New Year's Eve!

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