End of the world! 12-21-12
Saturday, December 22, 2012

It's a freaking Kong Ming Deng, idk why it's heart-shaped btw

I am very frustrated that I missed the time and date for this post. Nevertheless, it could also show that I've actually survived through this ordeal, in a very awesome fashion in fact.

We went to celebrate a very belated birthday for my clumsy friend on 20th Dec. Annoyingly though, there was 1 person who wasn't free that day, yet again. Fucking E. What can be awesome about a rushed, belated birthday? Well, the people of course. 13 years and counting, that's how fucking long it has been since I've known them.

Salted egg crab

I would prefer chilli or tomato but this works as well. This just has a very breakfast-y taste to it. We eat zhichar so there are other dishes but it's just the normal pork ribs, vege and hotplate tofu. May post it some random day if I remember it.

This was actually quite a failure of an outing by most standards, but it was miraculously salvaged by dinner, and the last event. Setting off the kong ming deng.(sky lantern, google it up)

Basically we just wrote out wishes on it and light it up, and let it float into the air.

We used crayons, interestingly.

I would post up so many more pictures if I wasn't paranoid as fuck.
Well we wrote all the wishes for academics and just dreams for our future. And also love relationships and stuff. The fucking love latern was fucked, and couldn't fly. So we just took another one and lit it up anyway. Replacing and symbolizing the love and relationship one that failed. (different coloured lanterns have different meanings)

It was a little depressing, like some higher being telling me, "Dude your love life is fucked."
But anyway we set off 2 lanterns in total.;Smoothly passing into 21st Dec, without the world ending.

Blah blah blah, lots of talking and shit. Then today, the 21st, we went to catch Bachelorette.

Fat Amy! 
It's M18. which probably isn't worth mentioning. There really isn't any nudity in it, just a lot of very explicit phrasing of words. It's rather funny, there just isn't any plot or anything really worth remembering. Cheap humor I suppose.

And with that we once again, passed through "doomsday" together.

Though doomsday doesn't really mean a lot to me. The fact that it's the end of the year, with only 10 days before 2013, means that each day feels more precious somehow. Well I don't know how to express this, but I'm just been feeling on the up and up these couple of days, even though I'm tired and sleepy as hell!

Well, here's to the rest of our lives, cheers.

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