FFT: Are you qualified to do something?
Tuesday, December 18, 2012

I was chatting with my friend last night, trying to give him some encouragement to work a little harder since we're graduating soon. In some ways it's some sort of "advice".

I've also had another conversation with another friend that already set my mind on this track. I'll go into more details about this conversation later on.

So the first encouragement talk. It's not like I was lying or anything, I truly believe in what I told him.
I told him that, (paraphrased)
"As a student, there's only one thing you can do, you might as well do it well. It's not that this road is great or anything, but the alternative is worse or far too difficult to predict."
Oh, this was because he has a different ambition from the course that he's taking. Hence doubts and all.

Of course, it is an extremely logical way of thinking, and I stand fully behind it. Thing is, I'm not really doing it. I don't think I'm trying to the best of my abilities. As such, "am I qualified to tell my friend that?". I find it to be a very interesting idea to think about. Qualifications. What qualifies you to do something? When are you not qualified to do something?

About the 2nd conversation I had with another friend, I was telling her about how attractive or unattractive some girls are. She told me that she hates it when guys judge girls based on their appearances. Her words were, and I quote,
"You're not that good-looking yourself, so you shouldn't say such things." 
I do not fully disagree with her, but I can't bring myself to agree either. And I couldn't fully explain why I don't agree with her at that point of time. I said something along the lines of, "It was an observation, must I transcend what I observe in order to talk about it?"

Even now, I can't fully put my thoughts into words.
I guess what I'm trying to bring across is: Can you do something only if you're qualified to do it?

The society we're brought up in places very high value on the certificates you achieve in life, along with all those shiny trophies; so much so that we only feel like we can accomplish something only if someone else tells us that we could. That some flimsy piece of paper defines our abilities to accomplish things in life.

I find it interesting that the words we utter holds no weight if we do not act based on it.
Words of a smoker telling you not to smoke is less persuasive than a non-smoker.
Words of an obese person telling you to eat healthily is less persuasive than a slim individual.
Words of a delinquent telling you to read more books is less persuasive than a nerd.

The idea behind the same words are exactly the same, yet when an "unqualified" person brings up the same idea, we find it harder to accept. There is a clear stereotyping of people, like "the pope tells only truth", "gamblers only lie".

I finally figured this out while typing.
I know why some people say things like, "You're not qualified to criticize my work." or, "I'm not qualified to be her boyfriend." or, "You're not qualified to tell me these things when you're no different yourself.".

Because humans are egoistical faggots. (not gay, just faggoty)

We simply hate it when someone of lesser status tell us how to do things, how to think, or generally just telling us stuffs. Pfft! , it's not important to us, those words are not worth listening to.

You're ugly, so don't tell me I'm ugly.
You failed, so don't laugh at my score.
You're bitchy, so don't complain about someone backstabbing you.
Your work is shit, so don't criticize mine.
You're fat, so don't tell me about my imperfections.

Interesting isn't it? You might not voice it out, but I'm pretty sure there are little voices like these at the back of your head. Of course, when someone perfect "corrects" you, we end up thinking that he's a cocky fucker.

As I've reiterated many times, life is a clusterfuck. All these social intricacies we have to take note of just makes life such a pain to get through. Oh well, life goes on.

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#NotBad. I like this post. Hahaha. Read every single word man.

By Anonymous Don, at December 19, 2012 at 12:48 AM  

hahaha thankyou ^^

By Blogger Lelouch, at December 19, 2012 at 2:50 AM  

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