FFT: Bread and butter
Friday, December 07, 2012

I have recently started to eat this magnificent combo. It's not that I've never eaten bread and butter before, but I have never thought of it as anything special. Partly due to my asian culture that prefers rice over bread.

Which is why I never really fully understood the idiom, "Bread and butter". And "breadwinner" didn't exactly make much sense to me either. As idiotic as it sounds, after eating bread and butter for a couple of days, I could somehow understand why people created that phrase. Though for the french it'll be like bread and cheese or something. I've written something in the past that is very similar to what I'm feeling now.

I seem to enjoy language and history more the older I get. I'm starting to understand that every word has a history behind it, a story as to why it's written or spelled like that. I find it wonderful, romantic even. Being able to appreciate the beauty of the English language has turned me into a grammar nazi, and make me hate my young ignorant self. Though I feel like I'm becoming an old man way too soon.

I feel like a geek, being interested in the most "boring" of things. Well, it's expected I guess, I am the Lord of Geeks after all.

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