FFT: Humans compete the hardest for sex
Sunday, December 23, 2012

Humans and Animals, how different are we when we are competing for sex? 

Fundamentally? I think pretty much the same, we are animals after all. The end goal is to ensure the proliferation of our own species. The feeling good part is just an extremely good incentive for us to commit the act of sex. It feels so good that we oftenly do it without the intent of increasing the population. What is the main difference between a human and an animal finding a sex partner?

An animal generally chooses it's partners based on their partner's ability to raise their offspring. Also, using visual traits to judge the quality of it's genes. Usually the females get to be the one choosing, though the alpha male will have a harem and be granted the enviable position of fucking whoever he wants to.

So the males fight it out, to the death sometimes; winner takes all. Or they have a showcase of their ability or physical features. Building a good nest is proves their ability to father an offspring, while a display of beauty is simply a spectacular mating call.

Peacock strutting it's feathers

What about us humans? A good display of one's financial stability, physique and general good looks is bound to bag you a couple of females clamouring for you. Surprisingly, one's ability to father an offspring is usually not our criteria when looking for someone to bang. At least not until when you decide to settle down and marry.

We generally just want to bang the hottest partner that you could find. Because the thought of pleasure is immensely better than the thought of continuing our species.

Generally for animals, it's simply the alpha males who get it all. Through fights and what not. But it is so much more amusing for humans. We have so many tactics to get a partner to sleep with us, even if we have lost to another male, or female. We exploit another's emotional weakness, their drunkard state, their search for excitement.

Just by using those 3 points wisely, you can probably bed anyone. Regardless of their commitment to any other individual.

We can practically write a new Art of War* just from all the tactics we employ to get someone into bed with us. I'm not saying that I know of such tactics, though I would really appreciate if someone would share some with me. Isn't it interesting how hard we try, just to bang someone?
* Art of War by Sun Zi
* Similar to the Playbook from HIMYM

So when I say that Humans compete the hardest for sex, I mean it in the way that we have so many more techniques used to secure a good mating partner. If you were to look at us from the perspective of another species, they'll be going, "Look at those bunch of monkeys, trying so hard to do each other over. Just so that they could rub their genitals against one another."

Just like how zoologists/ecologists study different animals and get fascinated by how they find their mate, I am fascinated by how humans find their mate. Not for the sake of humanity, but just for the sake of rubbing against each other.

For those arguing that they're just looking for someone to provide them with food and shelter. 99.99% of the time, you will end of shagging that person. Be it marriage or whatnot. Intimacy? Sex. Life long partner? Sex. Someone to depend on? Sex. You get the idea.

Disclaimer: I wrote this fully with the mentality of a male fueled by hormones.

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