FFT: Moral dilemmas
Sunday, December 30, 2012

Been watching quite a lot of shows lately. So here's the thing:
If a bad guy forces you to betray your best friend, in a way that will ultimately cause his death. Would you comply?

3 different outcomes if you choose to disobey the bad guy's orders.

  1. You will be killed.
  2. Your friends/family will be killed.
  3. Strangers will be killed in front of you.

Given these 3 choices, which choice will cause you to give in and betray your best friend, ultimately causing his death? Or would you protect your best friend till the very end?

Of course, I must stress that there is no right answers, I'm just curious about what choices people will make. Please leave a comment or tell me through any other forms of media. Also, other than "best friend", is there a difference if it's substituted with your sibling,parent or partner?

Here's what I think about this.
I think one of the hardest questions to answer is,
"Is there a cause you're willing to die for?"

My answer is, "I honestly do not know."
I don't know if there's anything I would say no to if someone is holding a gun to my head. I mean, apart from pressing a button that would end all humanity, that I would gladly die for. I wonder, just where would I draw the line and say, "No. I cannot do this."

However, I am fairly sure that my thinking is utilitarian. So the number of lives would usually outweigh the value of an individual. Or how important I deem those lives to be. For example, I would kill 100 cats to save 10 humans. Evil as it may sound, I would not sacrifice 10 humans to save 100 cats.

So going by the logic so far, I would probably betray my best friend for my family/friends, and a bunch of strangers. Notice the plurality in it. Though, I would probably die for my best friend, not so much of a heroic gesture, but more of a, "I would rather die, than cause death to someone important to me." Just morals, plain old morals. I find the act of heroism and self-sacrifice idiotic anyway, maybe I'll write on that some other day.

I suddenly remembered why I hate questions like,
"If your wife and mother is drowning and you can only save one of them, which one will you save?"

There are no right answers, only answers that pleases one party or another. Which is why I generally refuse to answer such questions. In conclusion, life can present you some tough choices sometimes. All you can do is just to pick one and live with it.

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