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Sunday, December 09, 2012

Honestly, I thought the post will be a lot more interesting than this, but it turns out that I was so eager to build the system that I couldn't be bothered to take the pictures. So..... instead I'll just be rambling on how amazing this is.

Intel Core i7 3770
Intel HD Graphics 4000
ASUS P8B75-V Motherboard
120GB OCZ Vertex 3 (old)
2TB Seagate HDD
8GB of RAM
Cooler Master TX3 CPU Cooler
Thermaltake Commander MS-I Case
520W Modular PSU

Yep, it's just the barebones of a system, good enough to make it work. But with a really really fast CPU in it.

I'm currently running a W7 on VMware with 1.5GB memory assigned to it, which explains the high memory usage. And, I'm not using Windows 8 now because there hasn't been a permanent "hack" for it yet.

Cold boot takes less than 20 seconds. Everything is as snappy as it can be. Though I haven't been utilizing its full potential yet. The whole build took me almost 2hours to assemble. Mostly spent on cable management, trying to make the case neat and tidy, which is kind of pointless since I put it behind a monitor and it can't really be seen anyway.

I have 2 120mm fans in the case. Both blowing out, give the case negative pressure. All 3 fans can run upwards 2100RPM. And I haven't stress the system past 1400RPM yet. So most of the time it hovers at 40 deg.

All I can say that this is an incredibly powerful machine. What's the point of building a beast like this? Well, I want to run virtual machines constantly.

Short summary of what a virtual machine is. Basically it's just a software that allows you to run another Operating System on your host system.

example of a virtualmachine running
What's the point of this? It allows me to test applications in a sandboxed environment and won't affect my host OS. I can run linux or Mac OS should the need arise. Though my main point is to run a small linux server that servers as a music server, or maybe a Database server. And a web server is just a few keystrokes away.

Do I need such a powerful computer for this? Well, not really. I mean, technically, I do need something like this. But it's mainly for my own exploration and entertainment.

Which is why, if you noticed, that I do not have a graphic card in this system. I've build it to be a badass workstation. My Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop runs flawlessly on it. I no longer feel anal trying to edit my images and waiting for a preview that renders like a slideshow.

Surprisingly, the integrated intel graphics 4000 works like a charm. Intel sure has came a long way from their previous integrated solutions. I was able to run Dota 2 smoothly at 1920x1080, with all the effects set to low, and texture set to medium. And the rendering bar was roughly at 1/4.

Oh, here's the Windows Experience Index, though it doesn't really mean anything, it's nice to look at.

The CPU is blazingly fast. Note: 7.9 is max.

I feel a little ashamed as a geek that I don't have any real pictures to show for even though it's probably one of my happiest day. I'll get some pictures when I open it up to clean it one day.

Well, I may start dabbling in some video editing since I've got my hands on a machine that could. For now, I'm probably going to start transcoding and compressing my ridiculously large collection of anime.

Well... this was incredibly boring.

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