Rant: My internet is down
Thursday, December 27, 2012

I was supposed to write something else, but then my internet decided to fail on me today. It's not like I am not connected to the internet, I am. However, it seems to me that there are simply some servers/websites that I couldn't access properly. (12PM 28/12/12 GMT+8)

Websites like Facebook, Twitter and MSN is totally down for me. Google works intermittently. Other websites are just a hit and miss thing. I'm pretty darn sure someone tripped over some wires over at Starhub and caused this weird ass problem. However, as I am very generous, I decided to give them a day of grace before contacting them about it. Hopefully everything will be up and smooth when I wake up tomorrow, else I would have to go through the horrible experience of listening to, "Your call is very important to us, please wait while we connect you to a trained professional." over and over again.

Oh what sweet lord decided to screw with my internet? I'm writing this post only through tethering my phone.

The funny thing is that I could still torrent relatively well, going as high as 1MB/s. So I know that I am connected, I have checked everything I could and I'm 99.99% sure that the fault is not on my network.

Thing is, even without internet, I still have a decently good home network. I have been testing some stuffs around. I still have my massive media collection which doesn't require internet to enjoy. So it wasn't unbearable. And I finally got around to the offline task of tidying up my table.

Of course, the books lying on my table totally slipped my mind. I should probably get around reading them. Being "offline" for a day is certainly interesting. Can you imagine using your computer without the internet?

On a random note, I am positive that I could host a Counter Strike 1.6 servers and play with my friends as I am still connected to Singapore after all. Oh, the weird perspective you get when you study networking too much. Meh.

Life is just boring without the internet.

So everything magically restored as of 12AM 29/12/12. Don't know what went wrong, but at least I have my internet back and I don't have to make that dreadful call after all.

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