Thinking: Getting anal over drunk people
Wednesday, December 26, 2012

I have been thinking about this for awhile now, but I have friends who take life way too seriously. Not just one or two, but almost all of them.

How did I come to such a conclusion?

When there's alcohol involved, there is usually one person who gets drunk, or out of control. Then there'll be this one person who is really experienced and good at taking care of that drunk person. A couple who are way too tipsy to give a shit, and the rest who have inner panic about what they're supposed to do. I belong to the very rare few who just sits outside of all the chaos and get amused by the situation.

Though I'm not a frequent drinker, I've been through and heard of enough situations to understand that most people get very anal when one of their friends gets drunk. It usually goes something like,

"Fuck if you're gonna drink, at least know your limit."
"Too busy controlling that fucktard to enjoy myself."
"It was damn messed up and I didn't know what to do with him."

I understand each of those feelings, as I've went through them myself. But why get all pissy about it? Sure, it is not a pleasant experience, but he/she is your friend after all, surely it wouldn't kill to just help him out? Here, let me give you an example to relate to.

Let's say you are playing sports (soccer) and your friend somehow fucked himself over and got injured. You would rush over and help him without hesitation nor any feelings of angst.

Compare that to the drunkard situation. In both scenarios, everyone sets out to have fun. But unfortunately, something bad happens and one of them fucks up. Why would you get so anal over the drunk one? Well, one plausible theory is that all the drinking fucked your thinking up.

I would prefer to go with the theory that everyone takes things way too seriously and don't know how to see the situation as it is. Just enjoy the sight of your friend spouting nonsense, puking all over himself, walking all funny and going all nuts. It is an embarrassment meant for your entertainment, why can't people see that it's funny?

I'm not saying that I love or want repetitions of such situations. I absolutely hate them. But when it happens, it happens, make the best of it, would you?

*I'm aware of the blatant vulgarities. I just go apeshit over people getting anal.

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