Daily Photo #133 - Breakfast for me
Thursday, January 17, 2013

Yes, it's on the floor. I was waiting for the toaster
So... had some bacon and eggs this morning.  "Fried" the majority of bacon because it's just so much faster, it became a little too crispy though.

The last 2 pieces

Tried toasting bacon for the first time

need to work on my arrangement skills

I've never tried toasting bacon, but god does it taste good. I think that I will never fry bacon in a wok ever again. It's just so more juicy to simply toast it.

Still, bacon is really just a craving that I get from time to time. It is so ridiculously salty, I have no idea how epic meal time eat it all the time, or maybe I should've used more bread instead.

Simple as it may be, it's rather enjoyable to cook once in awhile. (unless some chick is willing.... hints*)
I don't know man, it's rather satisfying to make something edible. Maybe I'll cook for myself more often in the future, it's really not that hard to whip something up in minutes. Just have to dig deep for ingredients.

We'll see, maybe some fried noodles in the future. I kind of have a craving for that.

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