Facts about the Angler Fish
Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Because life kind of sucks now, so there is something funny for you guys to watch.

There's actually there's a lot of truth to it, but there also bullshit and it's that uncertainty that makes it funny as hell.

Hung out with Y today rather unexpectedly, for a weird reason as well. But at least it was rather interesting. So long story short, food, searched for my keyboard, food. Then I realized that I would probably need to head down to Simlim Square tomorrow to get my keyboard.

What keyboard? A mechanical one.
You can rest assure that there'll be a long post regarding it later on. Since it's going to cost a lot.

So far I haven't had a friend supporting that idea of getting an expensive keyboard since I'm not planning to use it for gaming. Yes, I am getting a "gaming" keyboard for the sake of typing. It is very important for me, someone who types a lot. Look at the amount of posts that I write! It's pretty much a novelty thing, but I suppose that I am one of the geeks that is very particular about my computing experience.

Of course, soon I will be tweaking and customizing my desktop with the all-time favourite Rainmeter. But yeah, that'll come when I actually have the time to really get into it.

I am just really excited about getting the keyboard tomorrow. Hopefully I could get some discount off!

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