Les Miserables
Sunday, January 06, 2013

Finally watched this today with Y and S. And ohmygod it was really good. Though it was really really sad, as expected from the Movie title. I haven't watched the original film though. There is also the 10 and 25th year anniversary play that I have to check out.

Well, since me and Y's birthdays are only a couple days apart, S surprised the both of us by... well, surprising both of us!

We got a really cutesy blue ukelele for Y. Even though she doesn't know how to play it. But man, now you have to learn it now no matter what. 

I loved the movie, because I love musicals. Hugh Jackman is really talented, I was totally mesmerized by his skills. Though I really need to watch the original film to fully understand the entire story. My bro said that this movie was mostly about the singing.

Naturally, I shed some manly tears at a few scenes. You're probably inhuman or watched it too many times if you didn't tear up at all. I'm not sure what else to say without spoiling the experience for you. The bottom line is that you have to watch it if you haven't yet.

Had Wendy's for dinner. This is probably my 2nd time eating it. And I need to remind myself to buy bacon. Yes I know it's random but I keep forgetting about it. I need to make some bacon and eggs for breakfast sometime soon. (or if any kind soul is willing to cook for me?)

I keep saying this, but I am happy again today. Sure, there are still some things that get me down here and there, but it's still better than any other.

School starts tomorrow. Let's hope things keep looking bright.

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