It's a happy day
Thursday, January 03, 2013

Many, many thanks to B, E and N! Or maybe others I don't know about. This is my early birthday present! Seeing the rotten state that my previous wallet was in, they've gotten me a really awesome present. Probably one of the best/practical ones I've received in a long long while.

It's... a little ex so I felt a little bad but still extremely grateful for their well wishes.

Of course, for those who know me, it's a rather "important" year but I just don't really feel it somehow. Nevertheless, getting something you exactly want, (and even getting to choose it) is simply heart-lifting.

Although their weird actions did made me wonder what kind of weird trick they were going to pull off, I have to say that this was kind of beyond my imagination. Which really made me want to hug them on the spot. Though that'll be a little weird so I refrained anyway.

I also bought my Mechanical keyboard today.

CM Storm Quickfire TK Blue

Which I would write about tomorrow as I didn't feel like taking the spotlight away from the wallet.

The new washing machine was delivered today. I also went to have a night walk and supper with Y & S, which completed the day of happiness. This was a really good day. I'll do my utmost to not forget how this feels.

It's nice having something good happen once in awhile (:

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