Sentosa: Celebrating flower's birthday
Saturday, January 12, 2013

Went to Sentosa to celebrate L's birthday. It was a little awkward here and there as it's two different group of friends, but it turned out alright in the end. Unfortunately there isn't any pictures of the beach as... sand and electronics don't mix well.

Here's what we had for dinner though.

Potato wedges that tastes like twister fries

Garlic chicken something pasta, what I ate

And a ton of other people chose this 

We ate at a place called.... Mussels something, at Vivo. Ate here with someone before, can't recall who sadly.

Random rant, L has a friend who is really really fair. Like,she was literally shining under the sun, I thought she was a vampire or something. I think I used to be that fair in the past though. Oh well. We played Volleyball, captain's ball and a little of soccer; using the same ball.

Fun and tiring as it may be, the skies decided to go nuts and squirted a ton of rain on us. The visibility was so bad we couldn't see any boats out in the sea. By the time the rain stopped, night has arrived and walking along Sentosa in the dark is something I've never experienced before.

It's not bad I suppose, which made me feel really guilty about having second thoughts about it, oh well. All's well, ends well.

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