Rant: Feel like learning how to ride a motorbike
Wednesday, January 23, 2013

I never had any interest in motorbikes. They never really strike me as anything fancy or even safe to ride on. But as I was walking on the streets one day, I saw this dude on a bike. It wasn't even anything fancy, just your run of the mill bike. Just imagine a normal bike and that is exactly what I saw.

He wasn't doing anything crazy or even unusual. He was simply riding his bike with a really bored/peaceful look on his face.

The wind was hitting him square in the face, his jacket was fluttering behind him. I thought to myself: "gosh, that seems like a really relaxing thing to do."

I started to see how riding a bike could be one of the simple pleasures in life. Of course, probably not so much so in Singapore where there isn't any countryside for me to just go on a road trip. However, it could be rather interesting to just cruise down the highway in a little bike and enjoying the breeze. (or get bitch slapped by some bug)

So yeah, getting a bike license might actually be on my radar now. It's the least expensive of motorized transport after all, and it'll probably be pretty cool.

Oh well, I guess we'll see how things go.

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