Rant: Life of an IT student
Monday, January 21, 2013

Code. Code and more code every fucking day. True, it's pretty cool to see computers dance to strange words, but it gets really tiring after awhile.

Java: snippet of my project

And another project that requires VBS and SQL

SQL statements

And my FYP that requires HTML, PHP and SQL...


Just lines upon lines upon lines of codes day in day out. Not to mention Cisco CLI commands to configure their routers/switches. And when I set up my own Linux servers, I have to yet again learn and remember Linux commands. These are all different languages, all for the purpose of communicating with the computer, but I swear that it's such a hassle to be proficient in so many different types.

I could see why there isn't a lot of people who wants to walk down this path, it's not all fame and glory, heck I don't even see a single shred of it.

But it is interesting.
Electricity can only exist in 2 states in the digital world. It's either on, or off. I think it's really really interesting how we manipulated a freaking light bulb into what we have today.

As you can tell, fixing computer problems really isn't something I'm interested in. But if you're interested in how it works and are able to understand it, I definitely wouldn't mind sharing some stories with you.

I'm surrounded with people who doesn't care about how things work as long as it works. Or that the processes are just means to an end. Or that the value of what you do is determined by how much money you can earn off it. I'm not against those ideas, they are all very pragmatic. However, it just makes life a little duller.

Knowing how the light turns on is far more interesting than just being satisfied that you can turn it on.

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