Rant: People are annoying
Monday, January 28, 2013

Have you ever been on a bus? Yes? Good.
Have you ever have to alight from the bus? Yes? Good.
Have you ever waited for someone else to press the bell instead of pressing it yourself? Yes? Fuck you.

Sometimes I don't get it. Why will the entire bus just wait for a single person to press the bell? Are you that lazy to simply press that fucking button? Are you losing out on something?! I see a whole bunch of people looking all anxious and nervous on their seats, thinking that no one might press the bell, and that they wouldn't press it until the last second possible.

I mean, it's alright to be a little lazy and wait for someone to press the bell instead. But when I see a bus full of people that are obviously alighting on the same stop, and that no one presses the bell until the bus is like 20 meters away from the stop, it gets on my nerves.

What about me? I'm obviously texting or doing something on my phone. Or I'll usually press the bell.

I don't know man, why are people so anal? 

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