Geek rant: I forgot how being non-geek felt
Tuesday, January 15, 2013

If you've known me long enough, you'll know that it has been years since I walked down the path of geekhood. And because I have been pretty much learning and reading everyday, I totally forgot how it's like to be a normal person.

My friend asked me (paraphrased) how to set up a wifi access point on a laptop so that her phone could use the school's internet. (the laptop is connected via wire). Shamefully, the first though that came into my head was: "You don't know how to do that?!"

Regretfully, this is the same reaction I always have when people ask me a question related to tech. I swear that I'm not trying to be pretentious or anything, I really do think that it's something someone should know.

Think of it as learning how to cycle. Once you've learnt it, it's really hard to imagine not being able to do it.

Which is actually a feeling that I really miss. It's not like I'm that good in anything, but I, or anyone for this matter, wouldn't be able to just revert to how your skill level was before learning something; and I do enjoy learning, that sense of achievement when you understand or are able to accomplish something you never could before.

So sometimes, I do wish that I will forget how to do some of these geek stuffs and re-experience that joy of making things work again.

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