Chinese New Year is amusing
Monday, February 11, 2013

Today is a day for visiting. I have a complicated family and I don't really go visiting in the conventional sense. Though technically both my parents are the biggest so people end up coming. And my relatives actually came, to my surprise. Maybe I was out most of the time, or that I'm too busy doing my own stuffs the other years to notice them.

Well either way, CNY visiting always brings interesting situations. Where people related by blood gather together, but (and there's always a but) everyone is not really that close to everyone else.

Sure, there are probably some families that are really tightly bonded from the nephews to the great grandparents. Where you know all your cousins by name and their age and what they do.

Normal families aren't like that. There are definitely some relatives you don't even know the face of. And sometimes, more often than not, you will end up in an awkward situation where you simply don't know what to do. (or simply have nothing to do except sit there like a fucking moron)

Couple of my friends experienced this today.
And this is probably the first time that 3 different friends asked to come over, for one reason or another. Usually, I would be rather happy, that there's someone to simply chill and hang out with. But I'm rushing my fuck-my-life-4-projects-deadline-this-week. But I ended up inviting one over anyway. It was still awkward for her, but considerably less so than the previous location.*

previous location* - boyfriend's parent's friend's house where everyone is speaking a dialect she doesn't understand. Talk about awkwardness.

Well, I've listened to some very amusing stories, most of which will probably leave my memory sooner than I can finish this sente-.

This has been an interesting Chu Er. I also managed to show off and impress the shit outta my friend. Oh well, sadly I haven't been taking any pictures so here's a random gif to end this with.

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