FFT: Why Zombies are scary
Tuesday, February 12, 2013

That's how I'll fight zombies
Mini-confession: I'm actually quite scared of zombies.

Thankfully, they don't exist. Though it isn't a scientific impossibility. Either way, you don't see them in the streets, unless you're somehow stuck in a movie/game-world.

The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown.
- H. P. Lovecraft
I  completely agree with this. I'm not particularly sure if I'm really that scared of zombies, but because they don't exist, the possibility of them being my worst fear is a fear in itself.

It's similar to horror movies. My balls shrink inwards and disappear when I watch them, because of that unknown element always waiting to fuck your mind up. However, I'm mostly immune to real-life "ghosts" and whatnot. (unless you're talking about a haunted house where people are intentionally trying to scare you, that's a different story). In this case, I'm referring to creepy places, I'm not 100% immune to them, but I don't get as creep out as much as others as I simply do not believe in whatever that cannot exist.

Back to the topic,
I think people are generally afraid of zombies is because they prey on humans. (and all fleshy things)

Think about it for a second, as long as you live in an urban area, you have literally zero predators. There isn't another organism trying to eat you.*
* please ignore all bacteria, viruses, and parasites for the sake of this argument.

If you were to live in Africa, I am pretty sure you'll be scared of a Lion more than a stupid Zombie. The idea of a predator is scary, fortunately, we have evolved far enough to ward away all our natural predators. Hence, we have absolutely zero experience of trying to run away from something that is trying to eat you. However, it's still in our instincts, it's coded in our DNA.

All the movies about Zombies and Alien invasions are all poking at our primate fear of the unknown, and ultimately, getting killed. It's pretty much the fight or flight response that kicks off your adrenaline.

I'm scared of zombies and the idea of it. When I think about a humanoid being chasing after me relentless with full intentions to eat me, it's not a pleasant thought.

But you know, if a Zombie apocalypse ever happens, you'll be happy to know that people have been thinking about it for a long time.
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