Happy Valentine's Day
Thursday, February 14, 2013

What girls? Food please.

I was going to write some crazy far-stretched sexual fantasies, but there will always be that 1% who didn't think I was making a joke. Which resulted in this fairly mundane post.

As you can see, I'm finally back to my regular daily postings; for a good reason too. Tomorrow shall mark the end of 4 my projects, I'm finally able to reclaim whatever little time I have left for myself before the final final exams 2 weeks later. (yes, it's my final, final exam)

Enough sidetracking, what did I do today? Nothing.
(which is making my doubt my attractiveness)

Nah I'm kidding, nothing's ever gonna make me doubt that, there just isn't ample opportunities to prove my worth. Egoistical ramblings aside, it does bores me a little that my life as a student has been rather dull, at least in the love department. Not that it's disastrous or anything, but it could definitely use some excitement to make it interesting.

To all the people who snatched themselves a partner today, congratulations. May you be happy and get laid. And for all the other singles out there,

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